A Local Coffee Shop in Reno, Nevada

3 min readOct 23, 2022

I once hung out at coffee shops all the time.

NOTE: All photos taken by the author with her iPhone 11 camera.

Today I needed to find a coffee shop with decent internet access. The Victorian Inn next to the Nugget where I attended the Reno Ukulele Festival was comfortable. The only downfall there was poor internet or cellular access.

I found the cutest coffee shop in Reno across the street from a river surrounded by trees. It’s beautiful here.

I ordered a large mocha with oat milk and a piece of banana cranberry bread. There was a time I hung out at the coffee shop all the time, but it has been years. And I was super shocked to find that the coffee drink and the piece of bread was 12 bucks! What the heck? Oh well. It’s a special treat a for me now. I found a perfect table outside with an umbrella over it and sat down with coffee drink and bread. Got my iPad on the internet, and I’m listening to a class on creativity on my phone. Ahhh, this is the life, sipping coffee in this beautiful place that I didn’t know about until now.

This place reminds me of my favorite coffee shop in downtown Mountain View, Dana Street Roasting, or even of some coffee shops in Eugene. Several people bring their cute doggies who sit next to their people in the vast outdoors section. One doggie looks exactly like Niko, and he stares at me. Oh if you only knew, doggie..Niko is missed so much. Several people glide by on those electric scooters. Across the street, people saunter down the trail or ride bikes or scooters. Ducks waddle around on the grass next to the trail.

Hey, it’s just like where I live — the trail across the street and lots of bicyclists as well, some electric.

Then I watch a couple put up these magazine racks on the trail. I suspect it’s religious information of some kind because the guy is wearing a suit and the woman is all dressed up, but I’m not sure. They’re an older couple.

Suddenly, a guy with long hair and a guitar sits down close by the folks and…




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