A Week With My Grandkids

At the Cabin in the Woods…

10 min readJul 5


Easter 2023 With the Grandkids (day before I drove down to CA)

In Cobb — Happy Easter!! I’m so thrilled to see my grandkids having fun on Easter just as we did and my kids. I’m driving down tomorrow to see them, and I can hardly wait! It’s been almost six months since I’ve seen them. They’ve all grown up to do much. Sigh.

Scrunch is still suspicious of the Easter bunny and Jeremiah wouldn’t do the Easter egg hunt yesterday. He’s almost 12 after all? But he did participate when it was just the family. Charlotte showed off her cute dresses and I love how she wears her cowgirl boots with them! I also just learned that Crocs are super popular among the kids in Jeremiah’s age group. In fact, he’s wearing them and I’m like what? When did this happen? Obviously, I haven’t kept up with the trends!

See you soon my loves! Oh yeah, I got to sing and play Peter Cottontail for Easter!

On my way to California! I picked up cute stuffies and a unicorn pooper? Also, a tie-dye rock art kit!

April 10 — Road Trip to California

I made it to California. I stopped at Vistapoint to look at Mount Shasta. I will look at her again when I get to Weed, California. Always beautiful. I also took a couple of pictures of a pretty Madrone tree at the Rogue River rest stop where the bathrooms are closed, yikes!

Check out the “halo cloud” hovering over Mount Shasta! How trippy is that?

I always feel like I’m home when I cross the border to California. Though I live in Oregon, and I love my neighborhood and the woods, California is always home to me. Always will be.




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