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Rhody Days in Florence, Oregon

5 min readAug 17


Waking up in the RV. I was the first one awake, which is unusual for me.

Friday, May 19, 2023 — Coast adventure — Florence Rhody Days

On Friday evening we rode to the coast in Peter’s giant RV. Peter is one of Savoy’s long-time friends, super tall, and always in the mood for an adventure of some kind.

It was the first time I’d ridden in one that big, kind of like riding a bus except for way comfier, like hanging out in someone’s living room while someone else drives. We were at Peter’s mercy because he was the driver first, we stopped at Thai food in Florence and then headed for a place to park for the night. Finally, Peter picked a place called Bray Point, just a turnout on the side of Highway 101 had no idea that it was legal to park on this turnout overnight. I couldn’t see much in the dark through the big picture windows that face to be the ocean. When I awoke, I was greeted by a panoramic view of the ocean and beaches. It was so breathtaking.

Saturday, May 20, 2023 —Coast Adventure — Florence Rhody Days

Peter drove us to Cape Perpetua in the giant RV. For some reason, though I’ve passed by dozens of times, I hadn’t stopped there. And I’m so glad we did! There are several trails. You can apparently drive near the top and climb the rest of the way. The trails led down to Devil’s Churn and to a unique, rocky beach area.

Cape Perpetua near Yachats, Oregon on the coast. A spectacular and magical place.

But the first thing I noticed was a 1.6 Mile loop that leads to the old-growth trees. And another trail leads to the giant Sitka spruce tree as well. There’s a cool visitor center and trees all over, and lots of Sitka spruces because they grow better near the ocean.

I love the trees (many Sitka Spruces) and the vegetation on the trail to the ocean).

Peter suggested we check out the dramatic ocean trail through the woods to where the ocean meets…




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