Day #7 of 100 Days of Ukulele and Blog

3 min readFeb 21, 2022

With a Little Help From Our Friends

Liezl and I had so much fun playing Three Little Birds!

Day #7 of 100 Days of Ukulele — Three Little Birds with Liezl Tamayo. Video taken on my iPad.

I was thrilled to share this song with her. I hung out in Keizer all day into the evening. When I moved to Oregon in 2016, I rented a house on the same cul-de-sac where I had lived with my kids 25 years earlier! Now Liezl lives there with her son and the doggies and her son’s dad. Stevie was there too, and it was like old times. I gave Liezl a ukulele in 2016, and I’m so happy she still plays when she can. She works full-time from home and takes care of her adorable toddler and the dogs, and plays music whenever she can. Love you forever Liezl. You will always be a daughter to me. #100daysuke2022 #100dayproject

Never underestimate people you love ❤️ in your life. Love 💕 truly matters… day 7 of 100 days of Uke 2022. I had so much sun sharing this song with Liezl. She has been in my life since 2006, the same year we adopted my cat Guinness. She and my son Stevie were together for 12 years. They even moved to Oregon from the San Francisco Bay Area together in 2015… in 2016, I moved to Oregon…I got Liezl a ukulele and we both hung out together and had to much fun. We always have. When she snd my son broke up around 2018, I cried for days.

At first I felt as if I was losing a daughter. But you know what? I didn’t lose a daughter. No matter what, Liezl will always be a daughter to me. She now has a two year old son and Lives with him, her son’s dad and the two dogs Stevie and Liezl share custody of. Stevie has another girlfriend now, Flower.


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