Pre-Surgery Freak Out mode

4 min readDec 9, 2022

When things get weird

The skinny tree

Pre surgery freak outs are real! There were some tense moments between Savoy and me the other night because I insisted that I must have a Christmas tree and lights with ornaments of course. He was concerned that it would take up too much space in there already is not a lot of space in this room where I’ll be, but I said no way I have to have it! I don’t think he realized that my tree really was not very big and he laughed at it when he saw it. I was like don’t laugh at my tree. It’s a nice tree. We ended up agreeing to put it on top of my dresser, but now I must have my LED tree because it changes colors as well. Savoy rolled his eyes. You’ve got to be kidding, but I told him I could put that on top of the coffee table.

The horrible steps.

Then we attempted to figure out how I will get up three steep steps when I come home from the hospital we tried everything the crutches didn’t work and finally decided I might have to scoot up sitting down. We still haven’t quite solved that mystery.

My skinny tree and the happy snowman up the street from my house.

Then I called my neighbor Howie and asked if he would help Savoy carry the exercise bike upstairs. He and Robin both came over and they were wonderful because they hung out for quite a while and we really needed them too because we were both freaked out, Savoy and I. We talked for quite a while and they offered to help in anyway they can we were both relieved. We also got to watch Guinness the cat push things off Savoy’s little table maybe he’s nervous too.

Ahhhh, my favorite tree. She deserves hugs. I will miss her so much, and I will miss the trial too.

Yesterday I took a walk around the neighborhood and visited my favorite tree. This is what I will miss the most when I’m hanging out in my room for six weeks. then we visited Savoy‘s mom, Carol, who was wonderful and supportive and she gave me some cool stuff to help me like a walker that will work perfectly at the toilet and a shower chair. I do have…




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