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5 min readJul 4

April 5, 2023 — Some Things Are Better Than Expected

Amazon Creek close to where the two creeks meet in early springtime.

On Monday before work, I sauntered down the secret magical trail up the street from my house. I call it the secret magical trail because during the summer when there’s so much foliage, you can barely see the trail, and I did stumble upon it a couple of years ago. The trail is a little bit muddy when it’s wet and easy to get through this time of year. I didn’t know at first that the other Creek was so close to Amazon Creek next to the trail. I knew that at some point the creeks had to meet because there’s only one creek that winds through the rest of Amazon Drive and through Eugene, Oregon.

Standing near the edge of where the two creeks meet.

I hadn’t been down there in a while because it’s been so wet and rainy. I decided I didn’t just want to walk on one side of the trail, but I wanted to get down to the other creek and make my way to where the two creeks meet. To me, it is a special place, almost like a vortex. And you’re almost hidden when you reach a special spot, especially in the summertime. In fact, there’s no way you can find the spot where the two creeks meet if you didn’t know where it was already during the summer months.

Beautiful trees rise above the secret magical trail.

The trail I hike almost every day is the Amazon Creek Headwaters Trail, where the creek begins. There are several bridges and walkways that you cross, and you can see where the creeks are divided and come together several times this time of year the creeks are loud, almost like an ocean.

The spot I go to where the two creeks meet is past the beginning of the trail and in the neighborhood where I live, pretty much right up the street. You can sort of see where the two creeks meet from the walking bridge this time of year. There’s something special about that spot that I love with several Douglas…


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