Virtual Reality Art Show

Sat., April 8, 2023 — Flower Zandriya Duke is the Featured Artist

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Flower is in her element at the Art Show at Whirled Pies in Eugene, Oregon.

April 8, 2023 at Whirled Pies — Last night I attended an art show put on by VR artists where Flower, Stevie’s girlfriend, was one of the featured artists.

I always knew that Flower was an artist, but I had no idea just how prolific she was. I love her art, it’s filled with vibrant colors, and she also made buttons and stickers as well.

Flower works with the Virtual Reality setup at the event. She made these beautiful mushrooms, and of course, I bought one. I also bought her mushroom picture and various others as well.

Other artists featured their art which is also very good. Flower did so well and sold so much of her beautiful art. I’m so proud of her. I could tell that she was happy and in her element. She also sells her art online.

I won TWO raffle prizes at the event! I was so excited to win an original painting from another artist as well as a virtual reality setup for my iPhone which I’m just figuring out how to use!

My son helped with setting up and breaking down and Liezl drove down from Keizer, Oregon, just to attend the event with her family. Her son Junyer is three now and such a cute, smart boy.

More fun stickers and buttons from Flower! Liezl’s three-year-old son Junyer was such a good boy. Stevie also won a raffle prize!

He was also very well-behaved at the event. I also won two raffle prizes, not just one but two! I won a cool painting from one of the other artists and a VR headset for my phone. I’ll be honest. I have never done that VR thing before so this should be interesting. Flower shared with me that her father and his wife showed up at the event, and she had not seen him in years. I saw her talking to them, but I had no idea who they were. He brought her flowers and congratulated her.

Liezl is Stevie’s ex-girlfriend of 12 years, and he’s been with Flower for about five years now. Liezl and Flower have become close friends and they all hang out together. I am not too surprised because both Flower and Liezl are artists. It makes me happy to see everyone get along so well because I love Liezl, and I love Flower as well. We are all one big family.

ADDED NOTE: I had no idea this would be the last time I would see Flower…our lives have forever been altered, and it’s taken me months to get back to my blog again. This blog entry was set up to run in April along with several others.

I had to get a photo of me with Flower and Stevie and Liezl with her family.
With the “FAMILY” Liezl, Junyer, Joshua, Stevie, Flower and Me. We are HAPPY TOGETHER!




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