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Yet Another Mother’s Day

6 min readJul 27



If I was granted one wish, it would be for all my kids and grandkids and friends like family to live next door or down the street. I would be the happiest mom and grandma in the whole wide world! I feel this even more this time of year. I love you all.


Look! I got a present in the mail today! I’ve been good and I haven’t opened it yet! Yayyyy!

At Alton Baker Park — Mother’s Day morning began at Alton Baker park where I met my friends super early before the heat hit! Lots of mamas and babies!

Seemed fitting for many mamas and babies.

In Cottage Grove, OR

My daughter Melissa sent me this groovy shirt and I hung out with Savoy’s mom Carol and my son Stevie in cottage grove along with Flower’s mom and grandma and friends. It was hard for me to visit Flower’s mom who lost her daughter so recently, but I felt it was the right thing to do, and my son was there as well. We are always moms no matter what.

Visiting my son Stevie on Mother’s Day. We’re all still grieving for beautiful Flower….

From Megan

January 2023 when Megan visited me — my baby girl!

Megan’s Message to Me

Happy Mother’s Day to all the badass women out there that have created life or raised them. You ladies are the truest badasses and I have the utmost respect for y’all, here’s to you I hope you’ve had the best day cuz y’all have more than earned it.

And A big special Happy Mother’s Day to my mommy and best friend. Whenever I think about how you as just a one-woman show raised me and my 3 siblings, I can’t




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